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Finding strength and motivation to stay healthy and active can be difficult.  In a social media world filled with quick fixes and uncertain truths about what is healthy and what is not, the quest for health and fitness may seem frustrating.  I find comfort in facts and proven methods that result in positive outcomes.  

For all these reasons listed above, I am beyond excited to launch our second official DEXA Duels.  Last year our top 30 contestants lost a combined total of nearly 100 pounds of FAT...not weight, but pure FAT!  They also GAINED 25 pounds of muscle!  Can you believe it!  In just a few weeks that could be you!  


We had an overwhelming positive resonse from the first round, but the one thing people wanted was more help and guidance.  Well, you can now get that! 

This year will be a bit different. 


The normal way we have done DEXA in the past, 2 scans and you choose your method.  OR, we have brought on a nutrition coach to set you up, get you on track, and check in a few times along the way to make sure you have it all dialed in. 

Last year, the top 30 people lost a combined total of 94 lbs of fat and gained 25 lbs of muscle! I will say that again, because its incredible.
Super excited to see what happens as we get started for another round of DEXA DUELS

“"For me I think the real reward of the DEXA was seeing so much more information than what's showing on the scale. Getting numbers like lean muscle mass and bone density helped provide context and improved my attitude towards fitness when I could see areas of improvement even if my body weight wasn't changing much."."

Gus Johnson, Finalist of first DEXA Duels. 


Hello to you!

My name is Lia Martin

Lia is certified as a nutrition coach through Humboldt State University.  She brings with her over 10 years of nutritional knowledge and mountain of real transformational changes. I am beyond stoked to have her on board. 

About LIa

About Lia.

This is from Sandi.

You know those people in your life that you can always count on to tell it to you straight?  A person who is gentle but truthful yet not afraid to challenge. That is what Lia has been to me over the last several years.  When I need a friend, a coach, or a mentor, she is the one I know I can reliably turn.  She has coached me both as a CrossFit Coach and a nutritional coach.  I could go on and on and on...but what can she do for you? 

Lia has a mountain of health, wellness, coaching and nutritional information.  She will be here to see you off the starting line of DEXA duels, and check in with you 2x along the way.  

She is here to tell you the truth, the facts, and send you off on the right direction with macros that fit you, your lifestyle, and your goals.  She is here to take the guessing game out of the equation on your journey to fat loss and body transformation.  

Juice Bottles

What is Nutritional Support

We are going to keep it simple but effective.  You will have a one hour face to face meeting with Lia at Pivotal Connections in the first week of you starting your DEXA Duels journey.  During this meeting she will set you up with macros that are aligned with your lifestyle, your goals, and your DEXA numbers.  From there you will take the info and navigate the first 2 weeks when you will have a second follow up phone call.  This will allow for you two to dial in any changes and talk through any obsticals and challenges.  Then, at week 6 on the DEXA Duels journey you will meet for a 3rd and final time to make any changes so you can finish strong. 

If you decide to go with this option, when you sign up for your first scan we will reach out and schedule the first meeting with Lia.  

So, what are you waiting for? 


Lets Do this!

We are excited to be on this journey with you!  It was awesome to see the incredible changes last year, and we are confident the same will happen again this round.   


Decide what you want.

Now you just have to choose wether you want to use your own power, resources, and  information to make the change, or go with our support.

Zero favortism, it doesn't matter to me, as long as you have someone or something to change what you've got going on now.


If nothing changes. 

Nothing changes.  


Pick Your Spot!

We will be performing our scans over a 10 day period from May 13th to May 22nd. 

Click below to schedule based on if you want nutritional support or now. 

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