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High Plank

Finding strength and motivation to stay healthy and active can be difficult.  In a social media world filled with quick fixes and uncertain truths about what is healthy and what is not, the quest for health and fitness may seem frustrating.  I find comfort in facts and proven methods that result in positive outcomes.  

For all these reasons listed above, I am beyond excited to launch our next official DXA Duels in January of 2024.  This year you can choose a 10 or 20 week option (more details below) 


This past November we concluded our last round of DXA Duels and the top 10 contestants lost a combined total of over 50 pounds of fat...not "weight", but pure FAT!  These victories go far beyond the scale!

All contenstants also GAINED over 27 pounds of muscle! 

Can you believe it!


In just a few weeks that could be you!  

Join me (Sandi) in this next round of DXA Duels!!


Super Health Food
After several rounds of doing DXA Duels we have added, tweaked, and we will continue to improve and adhance our offerings.  
Every entry includes weekly motivation emails, recipes, movement suggestions, workout ideas, in addition to your 2 scans. 
A new feature this time around is option of doing 10 or 20 week options.  NO need to choose at the beginning, lets see how things are going.  You can also do 20 weeks, and do an extremely discounted scan at week 10 to check your progress.  


“For me I think the real reward of the DXA was seeing so much more information than what's showing on the scale. Getting numbers like lean muscle mass and bone density helped provide context and improved my attitude towards fitness when I could see areas of improvement even if my body weight wasn't changing much."

Gus Johnson, Finalist of first DEXA Duels. 

What will a scan tell me?

A DXA full body composition scan provides detailed insights into your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and bone density. It precisely identifies the distribution of fat and muscle throughout your body, aiding in assessing overall health and risk factors for conditions like osteoporosis. The results help tailor personalized fitness and nutrition plans for better health management.

A regular home scale only measures overall weight, lacking insight into changes in body composition such as muscle gain or fat loss, making it inadequate for tracking true progress. In contrast, a DXA scan provides a precise breakdown of body fat, muscle, and bone density, serving as the gold standard for accurately assessing and monitoring changes in body composition over time.

Sample Scan Image

So, what are you waiting for? 


Lets Do this!

We are excited to be on this journey with you!  It was awesome to see the incredible changes last year, and we are confident the same will happen again this round.   


Invite your friends!

Now you just have to choose wether you want to do this with friends or on your own! 

We have seen that bringing someone along with has always resulted in better options.  

Do know that I (Sandi) am doing this one with you!  I will provide weekly support along the way! 

Let me know if you need anything!


Pick Your Spot!

Join our DXA Duels challenge to unlock a deeper understanding of your body composition and track your progress with precision. Take the leap toward better health and fitness by embracing the gold standard in monitoring your body's transformation.

First Scans starting

January 11th

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