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Not Your Normal Weight Loss Competition

Using our DEXA scanner, the gold standard in body composition measurements, we are looking to motivate individuals to go beyond their scales to measure their "weight loss". Scales have ruined our perception of health and we want to challenge you to find out the truth about your body. Join us for this 10 week competition to see how much fat you can lose... its not about the number on a scale.

What does your scan tell you? 

After each full body composition scan you will get a print out of your information.  After your scan you will know how much body fat you have both in pounds and percentage, where it is located by region of your body, and how much visceral fat you have.  Visceral fat is the amount of fat in and around your organs.  

Lean tissue (muscle mass is included in that number) is given in pounds and percentage, but it also compares left and right sides of the body, which is great information when returning from an injury. 

Lean tissue and fat tissue are the main two numbers we are looking for during this competition but your scan will give you far more information.  You will get a bone mineral density analysis which gives you an overall snapshot of your bone health.  

I am not a radiologist, but I can see some irregularities in bone structure and tell you certain things about you that you wouldn't normally know.  We will get a really neat image of your skeletal structure.  

How can I schedule my first scan? 

Schedule online (via link above or button below), via phone (call or text), or in person. Call or text 707-702-2241, or come in person during our regular business hours: 

9-6 Tuesday - Friday and Saturday 11-2.

Total Cost is $225, which includes both scans, the contest, information and printouts, and some encouragement and accountability along the way.   


When competition opens we will be expanding our hours to accomodate those who can't make our hours work.  So take a look at what is available.  If for some reason you dn't see something that works for you, please let us know and we can make it work.

Who should/should not compete? 

Anyone who falls into any of the following categories would be good for this competition:

  1. If you are looking for extra motivation in your journey to be healthier, fitter, or leaner.

  2. If you are tired of your scale and feel pressured into being skinny instead of healthy.  "Skinny fat" is a thing!  I have seen it many times. 

  3. If you want some accountability in your health journey. 

  4. You want to find out the truth about your body and its composition. 

  5. You have a significant amount of fat to drop and you don't know who to talk to or even where to start (we have references and a nutritionist you can talk to!)

  6. You have been curious about what your body actually NEEDS to be healthy. 

  7. You like a good competition. 

  8. You want to motivate someone else in their health journey and you are going to do this with them. 

  9. Your business needs a healthier step in the right direction. 

  10. YOU SHOULD NOT COMPETE IF... you are pregnant (because you can't do the scan).

  11. This competition is asking for you to live a healier life.  Those who over-exercise will not do well, those who undereat will also not do well.  You have to be prepared to feed your body the right amounts of food of the correct types of food and then stay active and healthy!  

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  1. Each participant will have 10 weeks to challenge themselves to drop as much fat as possible and gain as much muscle.  

  2. The first scan will be between July 24th and August 6th. The second scan will be between October 29th and November 12th. 

  3. Participant's second scan must be performed 48 hours +/- of your initial scan.  For example, if you scan on July 26, your second scan must be around November 1 (14 weeks) between October 30th and November 3rd. 

  4. Participants will be in 2 categories (Men & Women), and will also be able to designate a team if they so choose.  You can gather a team on your own or associate with a gym or business.  

  5. Each individual's score will be the sum of the percentage of fat lost and percentage of muscle gained.  For example, if someone started at 200 pounds, and lost 20 lbs of fat (10%) and gained 10 lbs of muscle (5%), then their total score would be 15%.  Any fat gained or muscle lost will not count against you.  Technically, one's scale weight wouldn't even have to change but you could still have a significant positive change in your body's composition (e.g., you lose 5 pounds of fat but gain 5 pounds of muscle)... which is why this is so cool!

  6. The individual with the highest score wins the competition.  Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in both the Mens and Womens categories!

  7. If a team/group is designated, we will average the scores of all individuals to determine the winning team. 

  8. No changing of teams once it is established. 

  9. Data will be kept private and confidential unless you choose otherwise. 

  10. Participants must be 18 years of age by the first scan date. 

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