- the cooling process


As you step into the Juka Cryosauna, in a few minutes, the cold temperature causes a 30 degree drop in the surface temperature of your skin surface temperature.  This process causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) and forces blood to be drawn back to the core of your body bringing with it toxins and inflammation. 


Blood is then enriched with oxygen and nutrients while the toxins are filtered and flushed from the peripheral tissues. As more time passes this process continues and more and more toxins and inflammation are drawn from your tissues. 


As you exit the cryosauna your blood vessels start to VASODILATE (expanding of the blood vessels) and the super enriched blood gets brought back to the peripheral tissues, skin and joint spaces. In this process the body also releases a large amount of ENDORPHINS, which help with mood enhancement and pain relief.